Crono Car Service offers timekeeping services and time survey for motorsport manifestations, particularly: regularity competitions, rallies and all the other categories, respecting all the federations and associations regulations concerning the different disciplines.
According to the different kind of manifestation, Crono Car Service makes available times-survey prepared operators.
Our staff is mainly formed by Competition Officials, with a depth sports regulation knowledge. The staff is provided with all the logistic equipment, in order to work in its own station: the Organizer won’t need to worry about the equipment supply (tables, chairs, connections, ...)

Times processing and acquisition

Crono Car Service provides its own race direction staff, skilled for the different disciplines, dealing with:

- Live times processing
- Live data and ranking diffusion via web, race notice board updating and connections with different publication stations included
- Tests ranking and final ranking publication on its own website and on the manifestation own website
- Web race notice-board management: steady updating of every announcement and piece of information for the competitors, directly online

In the times recording stations on the track, Crono Car Service provides operators trained according to the different kind of contest.

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Organizing Support

Crono Car Service offers the Organizers all the convenient organizing support for the manifestation development:

- Technical and organizational advice
- Technical inspections for the racing track development
- Study + road book and promotional material (with printing) realization
- Assistance in requiring administrative and sporting authorizations
- Insurance coverage
- Tournament Officials (event Secretary, Race Director, Technical and Sporting Commissioners)
- Organizational secretary
- Press, public relations and speaker officers
- CDs supply, personalized with rankings and photos to be provided during the awards ceremony
Crono Car Service can provide total and complete support for the development of every motor manifestation.

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Rankings and web

Crono Car Service provides a live time recording and ensures the immediate publication on its own website and on the ones dedicated to the manifestation.
Besides the live recording, the race leadership employees publish on Crono Car Service website and at the same time on the organizer’s website, the specific rankings of every single test and the final rankings, according to Federations and Associations Regulations and to the Competition Regulation.
Online race notice-board: a website page entirely dedicated to the manifestation ensures a simple and quick consultation of every ranking, the announcements, the reports and every document relating to the manifestation itself. Moreover, it offers the possibility of forwarding time verifications and complaints directly via e-mail.
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